about me

My name is Hilde, iam 23, from north germany and self employed in photography since 2020.
I completed my apprenticeship as a
professional photographer in 2019 and further i focused on shooting weddings more and more. 
I love beeing a part of their family for one day and i feel very honored every time, i am part of this intimate and special day. 
I converted my own camper van in 2022 and i am travelling every time my shedule allows me to. I love the simple things, beeing outside and all the good stuff you can do out there, beeing on my own, enjoying the company of others, its all about the balance for me. For now i love getting around and always dreaming about new projects or new things to grab. Constantly creating a free life, with everything i already find in myself. I feel that it won't stop at photography. There will be a lot more to come, because we all have so much to serve, for ourself and for others. 


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